Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not just for girls!

One thing I would like to stress, and I think this applies to all 4H projects, is that ANYONE can learn about ANYTHING. While I think its obvious that there are some things that boys tend to be better at the girls and that girls tend to be better at than boys, that doesn't mean that one can't do the other. For example, most world renown chefs are boys but Katy did quite well last year at the Food and Nutrition show with her dinner rolls. And as I recall, there were several boys who did very well at the county entomology competition - and you know how most boys are about bugs!
So in that spirit let me emphasize that ALL Cherokee County 4H members, boys as well as girls, are not just invited but encouraged to participate in this year's small engine project.


usda8aahs8/9 said...

Great job on the 4-H Small Engine Project blog. It seems like a great way to let other know of some of the good things taking place.

Are small engines used in small airplanes?

Joe Daniel

Donny H. Dickey said...

If they're small enough! Actually, no. Ultralights and model airplanes (some of which get pretty big) would, though. The engine Katy is holding isn't technically a 'small engine': its an automobile engine out of her mother's Geo. But it seemed to make the point.